31 Oct 2019

Guest Speaker, Mr. Lǚ, Teaches Chinese Calligraphy for Monthly Cultural Program

The General College, under the leadership of Dean Kengie Bass, invited a guest speaker, Mr. Lǚ, to teach Chinese Calligraphy in its monthly cultural program series.  Calligraphy is widely known as a traditional Chinese form of writing with a brush and ink. Writing with a brush requires much more complexity than holding a pen and running it across the paper. Calligraphy requires a high level of concentration and patience.  It involves a thought process that goes along with each stroke of the brush. In addition to cultivating patience and a good sense of Chinese artistry, calligraphy can also improve dexterity.

During Mr. Lǚ’s visit to our classroom, students were encouraged to explore the different calligraphy styles, which reflects a different personal character, and to find one that was aligned to their personalities.  Overall, our students and faculty had a great experience exploring Chinese Calligraphy. They challenged themselves to sit straight and to learn the correct way of holding their brushes and writing Chinese Characters.